How to Enjoy

Suggested ways to enjoy our craft tequilas

Dos Almas 55 Premium Tequila Plata Tequila

Tequila for the true aficionado!  55% ABV, 110 Proof, organic, double distillation, made of 100% Blue Weber Agave, straight from the still.

Experienced and discerning palates will appreciate the sweet taste of the agave plant by enjoying this young tequila, which has never seen the inside of a barrel. Dos Almas 55 is pure, raw and artisanal; direct from the still, with an alcohol content of 55 percent, nothing added, and nothing removed.


We recommend a snifter or a large red wine goblet straight up at room temp. Smell it with the glass slightly tilted.  This will open your olfactory senses, then sip it and keep your mouth closed as you swallow.  This process will help you appreciate the sweetness of the agave plant we use in our product.  If straight up is too intense check click on Mixology!

Experience this translucent tequila by letting it slip through your lips and off your tongue, sparking a physical heat and spiritual intensity.

Dos Almas Cinnamon Tequila Liqueur made of 100% Reposado Tequila

If you like cinnamon, or have never really enjoyed tequila, this is for you—35% ABV, 70 proof, made of 100% Blue Weber agave. This is a young reposado tequila infused with organic Indonesian Ceylon cinnamon sticks and organic pure agave nectar.


Ours is the first cinnamon flavored tequila to be 100% natural, organic, gluten free, no GMO, no preservatives or artificial colorings or flavorings, with the lowest glycemic index possible. The tequila we use in the process is made of double-distilled 100% Blue Weber agave. In fact, there are only two ingredients inside the bottle: organic agave and organic cinnamon. This product tastes hot and sweet and has no bite that perhaps some tequila drinkers of other brands are accustomed to.

You can truly enjoy this versatile tequila in so many ways. On it’s own in a snifter, neat or with ice, served hot (at about 105 degrees), in coffee or a Mexican Hot Chocolate, over vanilla ice cream, and countless other ways.