Our Story

Created in 2014 and brought to market in the summer of 2016 by former professional triathlete and tequila aficionado, Emilio De Soto, Dos Almas Craft Tequila defied the traditional offerings of other tequila companies by delivering two distinct products on opposite ends of the tequila continuum.


He did not just create a brand and a nice logo, he also created the amazing potion inside each bottle.

For many years the drink of choice by Emilio to celebrate the accomplishment of a triathlon or any endurance event has been tequila.  It was enjoyed in many forms including special recipes of Emilio's Margaritas, Tejitos (tequila Mojitos), neat in a snifter, and most recently in Mexican Mules.

"We only make things we have a passion for, and we only make things we love to use, or in this case, we love to drink.  But consistent with all other things that we have created, we would not make something if we did not believe it was great, innovative, unique, and that others would enjoy as well." says Emilio.

Before Emilio ever dreamed of making his own tequilas, he traveled repeatedly to Jalisco to enjoy, study, and learn the many intricacies of tequila and the complexities of the amazing Agave plant used in the production of tequila.  


Emilio then bought his knowledge (and a few agave plants) home and began making his own tequila in the family kitchen of their home in San Diego.  After years of perfection, he returned to Mexico with a dream in his heart and a mission on his mind.

Dos Almas Craft Tequila is made from 100% Organic Blue Weber agave.  Emilio personally sourced and oversaw the harvest of these plants from the rich soils of Tepatitlán, in the Los Altos region of Jalisco.

The production, which includes the baking, the milling, the fermentation, the distillation, the purification, the resting, and the bottling, was done at one of the most reputable distilleries in all of Mexico, which is located at the base of the Volcán de Tequila (Tequila Volcano) in the town of Tequila, also in the state of Jalisco.

"Dos Almas products are made entirely of certified organic ingredients, and our company is in the process of certification. We have created some very unique tastes by altering the typical process of tequila production. As a result, our product is not the cheap, but it certainly is far from being the most expensive.  It is very high quality, we are meticulous about the process we use, and are particular about the ingredients we choose.  We are doing things in a way that coincides with the soulful lifestyle we live here at the beach in San Diego.  I hope you will enjoy this fir limited production of Dos Almas with us.  Salud, Amor y Dos Almas!"   - Emilio De Soto II